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About Us

Secure caravan and motorhome storage in Scotland

As a reputable storage facility, we know the importance of providing safe and effective storage for your caravan or motorhome.

Caravan security

Your caravan is one of your most expensive assets and you need a reliable and affordable storage solution for your unique needs.

Secure caravan storage

Scottish Caravan Storage specialise in caravan and motorhome storage in Scotland.

We are a CaSSOA Gold Standard site. As such, we have the experience and expertise to store your caravan or motorhome in Scotland.

Our Services

On site staff

We ensure that our caravan storage site is always well maintained and we always have staff available.

7 day access

Our customers have access to our storage facility, seven days a week via a secure card entry system. 

24-hour CCTV

We provide 24-hour CCTV security as well as double security fencing.

In addition to caravan storage facilities, we also offer storage for your motorhome, trailer or boat.

Get In Touch

For more information about our caravan storage services, phone us on 01875610625.