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Caravan Cleaning Tips

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  • Caravan Cleaning Tips
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  • 15-06-2017
Caravan Cleaning Tips

Caravan Cleaning Tips

Cleaning is a basic knowledge for caravan owners. There's absolutely nothing like the smell of a clean caravan. While cleansing your caravan is frequently a chore, most of us get that feeling of satisfaction once we're done.

Let's face it, on a nice day, you could find worse jobs than spending an hour outdoors, soaking your caravan.

Even with fancy caravan devices, if you're tourer's unclean then you're not taking care of it. What happens if you do not clean your caravan all winter? Sap, roadway gunk, black touches, tar places, bird poo, squished insects and plain old mud accumulate.  

Safety checks

Initially, hitch up the automobile and caravan to examine the lights and drawback are both working effectively. You need to make certain the tires have plenty of tread -  tyres which are cracked are not a good indication. Then pump them to the appropriate pressure. It's usual for them to shed air after sitting still all wintertime.

Use specialist products

Prior to you start your spring cleaning plan your process. New caravan owners should keep in mind that a caravan requires different cleaning products compared to a car. Normal car shampoos can be gently unpleasant to the distinct paint and bodywork of a caravan and end up leaving scratches.

Stay clear of jet washing

While you could use a high-pressure washer on your car or motorhome, it isn't really a smart idea to try it on your caravan. Although a pressure washer does make a rapid work of cleaning, it might harm the sensitive home window seals on a caravan. The longer you use one, the most likely you can find yourself with a leakage or two!

Work from top to bottom

It's common sense to begin cleaning on top and function your way down. Despite this, the majority of people start on the text of their caravan as this is one of the most accessible parts. The difficulty with this is that once you stand up to clean the roofing, any dirt you remove will just run down the sides and reverse all your effort.

Window cleaning

To avoid water marks and touches when drying. Don't allow your caravan home windows to dry off normally. Remove excess water with a micro fibre or Chamois towel. Along with being absorptive and leaving a clean window, they will lower static too.

Caravan and Motorhome Storage

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