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Caravan Maintenance Tips

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  • Caravan Maintenance Tips
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  • 04-07-2017
Caravan Maintenance Tips

Caravan Maintenance Tips

Cleansing your caravan is an important aspect of having a caravan. Cleaning not only makes it look far better but is among one of the most important aspects of keeping it in good condition. 

Dirt, algae and other pollutants cause, rust, mould and basic damage which will slowly failure your caravan. This is why cleansing is so essential to maintaining your caravan working as well as protecting the worth of it. Yet cleansing features its own risks.

Inside and Out Cleaning

Just the same as your car, you can spray off your caravan with a powerful stream of water. But maintain a better distance since pressure washing machines are strong. They might potentially harm delicate home window seals and other sensitive little components. 

Our advice is to make use of pressure washing machines on specific components such as wheels and other non-delicate locations.  This will decrease the chance of damage happening and clean the remainder of the caravan manually.

Examine every part

A touring caravan security check can not be underestimated. You must check each and every part, making sure it is completely practical, safe, and ready to offer you with service.

As an example, your safety and security tools ought to be in good working order. Along with this, you may have a satellite that requires looking at.

The last thing you want is to reach your location, simply to know that an essential part of your caravan is not functioning as it should. This can be unsatisfactory, bothersome, as well as unsafe.

Check the Water System

If your water system has actually never failed you in the past, it's simple to become complacent. However, after that, something bad happens. You reach your location, head for the kitchen area or bathroom, and quickly know that your water supply is not operating. Unless it's a simple problem, you may be without water for the duration of your trip. 

Inspect the tyres

Not only could a flat tyre reduce you down, but a blowout can be incredibly harmful. As the weather condition heats up, underinflated tires are extra prone to pop. With much less air in the tire, there is more friction between the rubber and the surface area of the road.

Sensible cleaning products

Try not to use cleaning products from whatever is offered in your home. We appreciate this can be convenient. But some non-caravan cleaning products could additionally be damaging to your caravan. 

As an example, meal soap can potentially strip the wax and damage the paint. We suggest you use specially created caravan cleaning products. The tiny added cost deserves it, keeping your caravan in outstanding condition.

Caravan and Motorhome Storage

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