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Caravan or Motorhome

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  • 20-06-2017
Caravan or Motorhome

Caravan or Motorhome - Which is for you?

Are you deciding whether to purchase a touring caravan or a motorhome?  If you are unsure of which is best for you, then this guide may help. 


You could get a reasonably economical caravan for less than you would be able to purchase a motorhome. Though that does not always indicate a better deal. 

An old caravan might have a little life left-- whereas motorhomes go on for years without issue. With a caravan, you need to factor in the expense of the car to tow it. You might not need to acquire a different vehicle. However pulling a caravan will certainly have a result on your vehicle's future asking price.

Campers typically struggle with much higher depreciation than a motorhome. A 20-year-old motorhome is still likely to be worth 10s of thousands of extra pounds. 

Of course, numerous factors play into the certain assessment. However, a caravan of a similar age may have little value. Consider the number of old caravans you see on the road?

Reversing a caravan. Well, it's enjoyable for people who watch if nothing else!


Motorhomes, on the other hand, are much sturdier in style. They also have the ability to take more weight.  This suggests motorhomes are much better at dealing with rougher roadway surfaces.  This provides you much more versatility in where you could park up for the evening. 

Having the ability to handle that extra weight indicates you'll be able to stock up on heavier items like water. So motorhomes have the tendency to be far better for camping in the wild.

A motorhome is much easier to drive compared to a caravan. Even driving a caravan while moving forwards can be stressful for the unskilled tower. This includes the concern of snaking or simply manoeuvring around tight roadways.

Flexibility is important when taking a trip, even for small things like going to the supermarket. Driving to the supermarket in a car is substantially easier compared to doing the very same journey in a motorhome. 

Motorhomes need bigger space to park, and these don't always exist. This is true especially when you take into consideration the dimension of the average grocery store parking lot in a town or village.

With a motorhome driving is a satisfaction. The raised cab is suited to the size of vehicle. Whereas with a caravan you have a common auto view, yet more than double the regular length.

Caravan and Motorhome Storage

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