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Caravan Sales
East Lothian, Scotland

Used Caravans and motorhomes for sale

If you're looking to buy your own caravan, speak to us. We have a selection of pre-owned caravans in excellent condition and at an affordable price. We have various models and sizes available, and our team would be happy to provide you with a quotation.

Pre owned caravans

Our caravan sales department is always ready to help and can offer you a selection of preowned models to choose from.

caravan sales

Whether you're looking for a touring caravan or a campervan conversion, we have the ideal unit for you.

We have a range of models to suit every budget and details of our current inventory are available on our website. You can view a gallery of images, as well as a detailed description of every caravan.

Scottish Caravan Storage is based in Scotland and we specialise in caravan sales. As a family owned business, we provide a range of services, including caravan storage, services and repairs, caravan transport, and more.

We provide you with a complete service to store and look after your caravan, boat or motorhome.

Caravans for Sale in Scotland

For more information about our caravan sales services, phone us on 01875610625.

Once you have your own caravan, you can store it with us. We offer secure storage facilities with access to the premises, seven days a week.

We have 24-hour CCTV monitoring, as well as double security fencing and a biometric fingerprint system.

This means you have the ideal facility to store your caravan without having to sign any long-term contracts or pay expensive prices.