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Caravanning Essential Advice

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  • 10-08-2017
Caravanning Essential Advice

Caravanning Essential Advice

Some points are inescapable in life. Only the luckiest person could state that they've never ever had a mishap.

When your caravan, there are a variety of ways that your vacation could go awry. It takes place to us all often. But fortunately, you could prepare yourself for anything and take preventative steps to minimise your chances of having a bad experience. Use the information below for caravan safety overview.

When you leave home the very first couple of factors may already be covered, however, you'll have to remember them when you leave a campsite.

Create and print a checklist

There's a great deal to bear in mind prior to you triggered on your caravan vacation. Having a checklist of whatever that needs to be inspected, closed, or changed shut off prior to you start. 

That may include examining your dish antenna is down, closing lockers correctly, or shutting hook-up flaps. It's easy to miss inspecting your caravan. A list on paper will certainly aid you to trigger smoothly and with confidence.

  • Turn off the gas at the cylinder
  • Loads are safely secured 
  • External door is locked
  • Lower the jockey wheel and lock in place
  • Empty the fresh- and waste-water containers and clean out any toilet cassette in an appropriate place
  • Reverse your car to the caravan
  • Check the link by using the jockey wheel to raise the car by about an inch to make sure it is properly coupled 
  • Release the caravan handbrake and remove any chocks 
  • Secure the hitch on the tow ball
  • Stow the jockey wheel
  • Connect the electrical plug(s) and the stabiliser system, if it's fitted, making sure the cables will not drag or pull as the car turns
  • Check the caravan's windows and roof lights are closed
  • Internal doors and cupboards need to be closed
  • Check the caravan handbrake is on and chock the wheels if you are on a slope
  • Check the road lights and indicators are working 
  • Remove the tow ball cover on the car's tow ball
  • Check the caravan's nose weight 
  • Attach the breakaway cable or secondary coupling 
  • Raise the corner steadies
  • Adjust the hitch height so it goes above the car's tow ball
  • Pull clear of the pitch and check the area for anything left behind

Hide your valuables

You're heading off to the coastline after breakfast. You've been on-line on your laptop computer to examine the weather report. You've loaded your bags and you're all set. 

Have you left out your laptop computer in full sight? You would not leave it ion display screen in your parked car in the house. It's the very same in a caravan. Conceal your belongings and don't lure anybody to get their hands on them while you are out at the beach, as an example.

Pack the manual

It's helpful to have your caravan's guidebook to hand. You could promptly locate the tyre pressures, or get some guidance on ways to drain your container. Until you know your caravan well, keep the hand-operated convenient so you could seek out all the information when you need it.

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