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Guide to Caravan Storage

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  • Guide to Caravan Storage
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  • 19-07-2017

Guide to Caravan Storage

Campers are big items of property to store at home. They may even trigger arguments with neighbours. Many of us have no alternative but to put them into storage. Even where there's space at home, there are numerous factors for taking into consideration a protected storage site.

According to current numbers, 57% of caravan thefts take place from the house. This compared to just 3% from safe and secure storage sites. Not just that, however, it reduces neighbour debates if it's off the drive.

  • Secure compound surrounded by security fencing
  • Single entry and exit point through two electronically controlled security gates
  • Individual key fobs that record every entry and exit
  • Fully alarmed, with security lighting and also 24-hour monitoring by digitally recorded CCTV cameras
  • 6m (19' 6”) wide roads and pitches for easy manoeuvring
  • Vermin control
  • Service bay
  • Fire extinguishers
  • On site assistance

Any kind of caravan storage centre you make use of should be fitted with CCTV. Many have actually been granted a CaSSOA status. One more point to consider is whether you want your tourer stored under cover or outside.

Sites safeguarded in garages or lock-ups could use an added level of security. They'll be covered from the elements, however, you'll spend for the advantages. There are plenty of outside storage sites available that are affordable and will maintain your tourer as secure as it can be.

If you do prefer to keep your pride and joy outside, you must look into the caravan cleaning overview for when you pick it up prepared for the summer.

If you're storing your caravan outdoors, there are a number of means you can shield it from the climate:

  • Invest in a breathable caravan cover. These are extensively readily available and deal superb defence
  • Secure the caravan with cargo bands throughout the roofing and attached to wood steaks. This anchor the vehicle to the ground and avoid it being turned over in the wind.
  • The wind-down edge steadies onto wood blocks to keep the caravan level.
  • Rest the caravan on axle stands to take the pressure off the suspension.
  • Replace the wheels with winter months wheels or older wheels while the automobile is not being made use of.

Caravan and Motorhome Storage

Keep your caravan safe and secure while you are not using it. Scottish Caravan Storage offer caravan and motorhome storage facilities in Scotland. Contact us today  to look after your caravan.