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Planning a Caravan Makeover

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  • Planning a Caravan Makeover
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  • 02-08-2017
Planning a Caravan Makeover

Planning a Caravan Makeover

If you are thinking of purchasing a caravan or campervan, read this guide before you begin looking. The desire is usually to get a caravan suitable for use right away. But the fact is that caravans that have already been restored or personalised will be much more expensive. You do not necessarily have to purchase "a project", yet a slightly dated motorhome will permit a remodelling that will not cost a fortune.

Remember these tips: 

  • Nothing looks as brilliant & clean as fresh white paint!
  • Peel & stick plastic is a fantastic floor covering alternative for your caravan!
  • Who does not enjoy a retro feel to their caravan!??
  • Your caravan remodellings do not need to be incredibly complicated. Simpleness is crucial!
  •  Place your personal stamp on it. Posters, stencils and wallpaper
  • Plan your caravan restoration with just what's crucial to YOU in mind

Begin with the inside out and make little modifications, in the beginning, to obtain into the swing of things. Tidy and repair everything. It is much easier to decide exactly what requires attention once you've taken this initial step. 

It will also provide you with the chance to determine whether you recover the caravan entirely or simply refurbish it. Timeless campers will certainly preserve their value much better if they're kept closest to their original state.

Strip out the rug, blinds, old coverings, sleeping bags and camping materials. Begin disinfecting and scrubbing every centimetre of the van. Utilised an old toothbrush to obtain right into all the crevices. 

You will be confident that it was totally fresh and clean before you started painting. You want it clean before your family enter to sleep and eat.  

If you intend to paint the outside of the caravan, you will certainly most probably need to rub off the old paint with cord wool. For your sanity, look into a drill attachment. You will additionally get rid of the corrosion and offer it a great tidy. Keep in mind to use outside paint!

Campers and campervans are a wonderful method to get your upcycling cap on. It will certainly also help you think outside the box in terms of layout and storage space. You will be staying in close quarters, probably with at least one more human being and potentially with a few little ones.

Charity shops could sometimes have some dazzling finds, particularly if you are going with a retro look. Pictures, frames and even vintage textile can be found if you have time to rummage. Similarly, you can find some fantastic bargains at car boots. Whether you have a modern or vintage caravan, let your imagination run wild.

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