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Should I Buy New or Used

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  • Should I Buy New or Used
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  • 13-07-2017
Should I Buy New or Used

Buying a Caravan - Should I Buy New or Used?

New caravans provide all the benefits, safety and security features and conveniences. If you have the budget plan, you could custom build it. When it comes to made used caravans see to it you always purchase from a licensed supplier. They should supply security checks and a warranty.

Used caravans

Purchasing a used caravan offers a variety of advantages, the crucial one being, of course, the lower price. There are some great bargains to be bagged on used caravans. You will have the ability to have a better specification for the very same money compared to you would certainly with a brand new one. Whether that's a larger unit or a lot more advanced functions.

Checklist for used caravans:

There are some more considerations that need to be made if you're buying used:

  • Check the construction and seals – will it leak? 
  • Is it up to the conditions you will be driving in?
  • What is the ownership history (if known)? 
  • Is there enough storage?
  • What documentation is provided with the caravan? 
  • Do the cupboards and windows close properly?
  • Where has the caravan been kept and where has it been?
  • Overall condition: is condition consistent with age?

There is also an extremely large choice of high-quality designs around. Locating a used caravan that's perfect for your family's demands should be an extremely simple affair.

You may well discover that any type of preliminary teething troubles will have been figured out by the previous owner. So additional devices might have been added over and past the version's routine spec.

New caravans:

Picking up a new caravan direct from a seller is very exciting. Nevertheless, merely pulling it off the forecourt generally relates to a loss of thousand of pounds. Just as with any kind of brand-new car.

There are some very good reasons for a getting a brand-new caravan, nevertheless. Possibly the biggest advantage is the ability to specify the precise layout and level of equipment you desire.

Locating the ideal combination on the utilised market is always going to be a bit extra trial and error. You'll additionally obtain a warranty. These are commonly three years for components and up to 10 years on the caravan framework and outside.

With a new version, as an example, the real newness and fresh smell of the caravan could make it a really exciting purchase.

And the warranties on new devices could often be better than on their used vehicles. Some manufacturers, as an example, provide to a decade-long body-shell warranty.

At the same time, you'll discover a good choice of designs and specifications when getting brand-new. You will also benefit from the latest materials and construction strategies. These are targeted at lowering the caravans weight and water rigidity. You could also find that heating and electricity are used more efficiently.

Caravan and Motorhome Storage

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