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The Benefits Of Caravan Storage

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  • 16-03-2022
The Benefits Of Caravan Storage

Have you considered the benefits of caravan storage? We look at why you may consider keeping your caravan or motorhome on a secure storage site.

About Caravan Storage And Seasonal Sites

Understanding what caravan storage sites offers will help you with storage and travel, especially when owning a larger vehicle. If you find storing your caravan a hassle, this article is for you. 


While you may have the option to store your caravan at home, choosing a secure storage site can provide you with peace of mind with its many security features.

Caravan storage facilities can prevent caravan storage from happening, which is more than likely going to occur when parked on your street or driveway.

Perimeter fencing, CCTV footage, protection year-round and security are provided for you and your caravan no matter if you're on the storage location or not; these sites are ideal for motorhome storage of all sizes.

The Caravan Storage Site Owners Association (CaSSOA) oversee 500+ storage site.

Each caravan storage facility is graded on its access and amenities, security features and given routine maintenance to ensure the best security devices are on site.

From that, they receive a bronze, silver or gold award for their storage services.

The Benefits Of Caravan Storage


Perhaps you've already found your favourite site, and you want to pitch your motorhome or touring vehicle there for extended periods.

Seasonal caravan storage

On many campsites, you are given your own pitch, leaving your caravan there for weeks or all summer in some cases.

If caravan owners are looking for a getaway and want the freedom to park and move around without towing through small towns and traffic, seasonal pitches and storage locations are ideal. 

What are The Benefits Of Caravan Storage?

With caravan thieves and more vehicles being stolen every year, there are many advantages to storing your motorhome somewhere away from your property. As the theft numbers reach high levels of over 1,200 a year, here are the benefits to caravan storage:

When you use our storage compound, you are host to many security features. These are cost-effective solutions that ensure caravan security and protection. Alarms, protective fencing and CCTV are all commonplace at sites such as these.

They are independently assessed and reviewed regularly, meaning you can rely on the storage facilities to protect your caravans and motorhomes.

Not only do storage sites shelter you, but you will not have the hassle of parking your campervan. Dedicated pitches store your vehicle with ease, leaving the days where you fought for parking spaces a thing of the past.

This can be achieved on either campsites or storage facilities, as you will have space for your touring caravans or static caravans. 

Storage sites are generally operated by security, meaning your vehicle is watched even in your absence. You reserve the right to visit your campervan, and you have easy access to these sites during working hours.

Some even allow visitation from caravan owners 24/7, but you should check with your facility beforehand.

Depending on the rating that the Caravan Storage Site Owners Association has deemed that site (Bronze, Silver or Gold), you can experience reduced caravan insurance prices.

Insurance providers will give discounts and cheaper rates to those using secure storage sites, meaning you will pay less overall. 

Many storage sites have servicing options available, meaning no towing to garages is needed. Whether you need a full service, routine maintenance or something more specific, there are trained engineers on many caravan storage sites. Less waiting around saves time and money. 

Another major benefit of storage sites is the alternative amenities available to you. Power washing and waste disposal points mean you can take time deep cleaning your motorhome before taking it out on the road once again.

This means you can clean off from bad weather and the elements in the Winter and take the best foot forward for the following day. 

This may not seem obvious, but you parking your caravan or motorhome outside your home can actually lead to more criminals and thieves taking a stab at your property.

Arguments with neighbours while trying to park your caravan are inevitable, and you can make your home more secure overall when choosing a storage facility.

You have flexibility on surface and shelter, depending on your motorhome requirements. You have the choice of grass surfaces or harder ones like tarmac and gravel, ranging from indoor to exterior storage options. You are able to request these cover choices for your lifestyle. 

Keeping Your Caravan Or Motorhome On A Secure Storage Site

The process of finding a secure storage site for your caravan or motorhome isn't a challenging one and is designed to match your lifestyle and requirements as much as possible.

You can expect to find sites all around you, giving you the freedom to drive to your caravan at a moments notice and be on holiday at a few hours notice. Of course, the price varies for this across sites and across different weeks.

If you would like to store your caravan on a storage site, here are our tips to ensure you get the best deal. 

Site location is the main factor you should consider. Your insurance company will also consider the location, so you should contact them and inquire for further details. Each site is regulated and monitored, but you should consider the surrounding areas, crime levels, flooding risks and other factors. If the site is far away from your home, ask yourself if you want to drive all that way to get to your caravan just for additional safety.

Good lighting on a site can deter thieves, as the site and caravans are more visible, especially at night. Access to water and electricity at the site is also something to consider, as you will want to clean and power electronics before a long journey.

Controlled Gates are important on storage sites, as they control arrival and entry into the compound. You know the site is secure if you have a password, numbered passcode, or keycard to gain access. 

While there are more factors to consider, hopefully, you begin to understand what to look out for when booking a storage site.

Convenience is key in these instances, but you want to ensure your next camping holiday is protected and covered. 

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