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What You Need To Know about Caravan Storage

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  • 11-01-2024
What You Need To Know about Caravan Storage

What you need to know about caravan storage? Explore the key factors that make a storage facility reliable and learn how to protect your investment. Uncover the ins and outs of caravan storage to make informed decisions and enjoy worry-free travels.

What Is Caravan Storage & How Does It Work?

Caravan storage is a convenient and secure service that offers a safe spot for stowing your caravan when it's not being used. This solution is particularly useful for individuals who have a passion for caravanning, but simply do not have ample space available at their home - it also appeals to those who require a higher level of protection for their cherished vehicle.

A caravan storage facility mirrors the functionality of a regular garage; essentially, it provides designated spots where caravans can be parked and retrieved as and when desired.

Key features of a good-quality caravan storage facility include a robust security system which typically comprises CCTV cameras for surveillance, sturdy fencing for boundary protection, and security personnel for increased safety. This round-the-clock protection ensures your caravan stays protected.

Moreover, caravan storage facilities help to prolong the life and maintain the condition of your caravan by shielding it from the elements. It's an invaluable service that all caravan owners can benefit from, particularly those based in areas where space may be limited.

It's important to keep caravans in good condition; not only does using a caravan storage service solve practical issues such as a lack of space, but it can be a good financial decision in the long run. 

What You Need To Know about Caravan Storage | Caravan Storage Services East Lothian, Scotland

What Are The Types Of Caravan Storage?

There are many kinds of caravan storage you can select depending on your requirements. Home storage is the simplest form of caravan storage that you may consider. With this, you can park your caravan at home - such as in your driveway, where you can have easy access to it.

Alternatively, you can also keep the caravan in your garage if there is enough space; doing so provides some level of protection against harsh weather. Your garden is also a good option for storing your caravan. 

However, in implementing home storage, a couple of factors should be considered - these include security and weather protection as they can be potential concerns depending on your home's location and setup. Making sure that the caravan is secure and protected against different types of weather is important.

Covered storage is a highly recommended method of preserving your caravan in a facility when it's not in use. This type of storage provides both a roof and walls around your caravan, safeguarding it from harmful elements like rain, harsh sunlight, and heavy snowfall. Covered storage areas typically include units in well-protected buildings, like warehouses.

By investing in this type of storage, you ensure a longer lifespan and better maintenance of your caravan against unpredictable weather conditions. Outdoor caravan storage is a prevalent and typically more cost-effective choice for caravan storage.

These are safe and devoted spaces within a storage facility specially designed for parking your caravan; the set-up often offers multiple surfaces for parking your caravan, giving you the choice between gravel, and tarmac, among others.

Several campsites provide a service where you can keep your caravan safely when you're not using it. This is particularly useful if you regularly visit a specific campsite; for a predetermined fee, some campsites permit you to keep your caravan in their care indefinitely. Their security often includes CCTV and staff who monitor your caravan - these measures ensure that your caravan is guarded when it's not in use. 

What Are The Types Of Caravan Storage?

Caravans & Self Storage

Using self-storage containers for your caravan offers many advantages, especially for those looking for a safe and easy-to-get-to space for their caravan. Making use of self-storage options provides additional security benefits such as CCTV systems, fencing as well as staff members who safeguard your vehicle.

Additionally, this type of storage facility offers flexible access to your caravan; this means you can retrieve your vehicle as and when you need it, without any restriction or hassle. This flexibility offers a more convenient way of storing your caravan, making self-storage a perfect choice for those who wish to access their caravan daily.

Therefore, using self-storage containers offers the benefits of maximum security and flexibility for those who prefer a reliable and convenient solution for their caravan storage needs.

Storing a caravan, due to its size, can pose quite a challenge; most times it takes up significant space in your driveway even when you're not using it. This can be problematic if you only use it occasionally, such as on weekends, leaving your driveway cluttered throughout most of the week.

However, self-storage containers provide the ideal solution to this issue. Using a self-storage container can help in freeing up space on your property, and the accessibility isn't compromised either as you can get round-the-clock access to your caravan. 

Caravans & Self Storage

Caravan Storage & Preparation

Preparing your caravan for storage is an important step before storing it away for a while. Giving it a thorough clean can prevent potential issues down the line - a spotless interior means there's no food left behind to attract mice or insects.

Taking the time to make sure every window and vent is closed helps to keep out damp and mildew. Furthermore, disconnecting any gas cylinders and unplugging all electrical connections can prevent accidental leaks or electrical faults.

Taking the time to prepare your caravan for storage in the right way can help maintain its condition and prolong its life. When winter approaches, it's important to properly prepare your caravan for storage. As the temperature falls, the risk of frost damage to various parts of your caravan, including the pipework, taps, fittings and heater components increases.

Therefore, it's crucial to completely drain the water system to protect these elements and prevent costly damage repairs. Storing your caravan correctly is also essential; ideally, you should place all corner steadies down to provide balance and stability.

Additionally, ensure that the handbrake is left off to prevent it from sticking through the colder months. By taking these preventative actions, you can head into winter knowing your caravan is safely stored and ready once the weather warms up. 

Caravan Storage & Preparation

Caravan Storage, Servicing & Protection

Having your caravan serviced routinely, even during storage periods, can provide a range of benefits. For starters, checking the tyres, brakes and lights to see that they function well is fundamental for your safety when you next use your caravan.

Likewise, keeping your caravan covered with a high-grade cover is an excellent idea, particularly if you're using outdoor storage; this safeguards your vehicle from elements like dust, rain, or extreme heat that may gradually deteriorate its appearance and functionality.

Lastly, it's important to uphold your caravan's insurance whilst it is in storage - the insurance not only shows diligence, it adds that extra layer of assurance that your investment is secure, regardless of any unforeseen events that may occur.

Ensuring your caravan gets regular service and proper care in storage can boost its life span significantly and provide you with peace of mind knowing your caravan is always ready for your next venture.

Securing your caravan when it's in storage is a vital aspect, similar to making sure your home is safe. It's recommended to regularly check that the doors and windows can be locked securely and are kept well-maintained.

Overlocks that fit over your already existing locks and introducing door bolts can also make your caravan further secure. It's important to remember that when your caravan is not in use, security should still be a priority - if you usually leave your caravan connected to the towing vehicle, it's important to install both wheel clamps and a hitch lock.

In times when the caravan is not attached to a towing vehicle but is still unattended, wheel clamps should be put in place. Not taking these security measures could make your caravan a target and could result in theft or damage. Enhancing your caravan's security is not only an advantage for its overall safety but it could also save you from any unnecessary financial loss.

Caravan Storage, Servicing & Protection

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